Ephemera II

18 mayo, 2013


Ephemera is a conceptual project started from the word “Speed”. Bogidar Mascareñas, a graphic designer based in Barcelona has created a series of four posters ephemeral and destruction process. The project is structured in two parts: a long construction time and rapid destruction. Thus, the result shows the process of constant change, the transition and finally reaching the ephemeral (lasting one day).
Ephemera II – “What has been gathered will be dispersed” elaborates on the fact that should be formed by a countless element, so these will scatter. At first  Bogidar thought about making the phrase with grains of rice or flour, and then instead of using flour using powdered pigment that would be more striking.
Regarding the typography template, the designer thought about making it out of paper but it resulted that did not catch enough volume. Thus, the final poster template was manufactured with laser-cut in order to create a thicker message.  The phrase was destroyed to get by another color pigment and using a dryer for spreading.